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"I will go the extra mile for you! I will take the time to
 listen to your needs and dreams."
                                                                                  - David Garcia

"I am passionate about delivering exceptional consumer experiences."

Mortgage Information

FHA   is a mortgage for first home buyers with a 3.5% deposit.

        FHA 203k Program,  This program was design for FHA clients to purchase distress properties with the margin from the purchase price to the appraised value equity not passing $35,000 to fix the property to living conditions.  for more information please go to the link below.

        MAPP HAMP,  This program was design for to help FHA clients with up to 12,000 for the deposit and closing costs. for more information please go to the lnk below.

Conventional    is a mortgage of a higher deposit to save on PMI, or for secondary homes with a 10-20% deposit.


        Jumbo Loans


VA    is a guarantee mortgage for Veterans

Am updating this new page, i will have links and as much details very soon. but this are the basics.

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