South Florida #1 REALTOR
David Garcia

I Specialize in the Art of  Marketing Luxury Homes

"I will go the extra mile for you! I will take the time to
 listen to your needs and dreams."
                                                                                  - David Garcia

"I am passionate about delivering exceptional consumer experiences."


Jennifer Romo, Teacher 
"I contacted David because I knew I could trust and rely on him for advice and help in finding that perfect place. He was constantly there for me, and helped me find the perfect listings that met my "wants" and "needs". I couldn't have asked for a better agent or friend, in such a stressful time. Looking to buy a place is stressful, and David definatly made it easy and enjoyable.
My partner and I decided the time was not right to buy, and David was very understanding about the situation. When we are ready to take that big step and buy a home. David Garcia will once again be the one I look to for help and advice."

George Lopez, Editor
"It's a pleasure having David work for me as my agent. He's always eager to help me find exactly what you want and willing to put in the time to show you me all my options, even ones I never thought of.

Her instincts about locations and pricing are always solid."

Jenna McKinzee, Fashion Photographer
"Over the last year that we have continuously worked together I came to realize that hes drive to success and professionalism are exceptional. 
David's approach to clients and their various needs has been outstanding. He definitely shows knowledge and attention to details I wouldn't anticipate from a ''rookie''.
Just wanted to thank him for all your hard work and dedication he has shown to me in the last year.
Best regards."

Ally Tramoski, Owner of Fitness Center
"David Garcia is reliable, hard working and a dynamic individual, whom I felt gave me hes genuine attention; as he dilegently worked to respond to my specific, personal needs. Working with David, whom through a multitude of encounters, proved he can engage in warm social exchanges while maintaining a professional and comfortable demeanour, helped alleiviate any of the anxiety I had previously expereinced about moving. With David's sound knowledge of the housing market and consistent excellent service, he united the excitement of moving within a big city with the crucial need to call that perfect place home."

Keila Hoover MD,
"I highly recommend David for all your buying and selling needs. This go-getter is very smart and will work to the end for her clients. I have had the pleasure of providing service to some of her clients and I can't say enough positive things about the way David handles hes business.

I look forward to working with David in the future and I highly recommend that you do the same"

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